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    1. [AOH]gateway from message board to list
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello all It's been such a very long time since the gateway from the message board to this list has worked, you probably forgot it even existed. If you don't remember what it was, it was a way for any posts made on the message board that corresponds with this list to be posted to the list. It was a one-way system: posts from the board came to the list, but you couldn't post back to the board without actually going to the board and posting there. Anyway, list owners have been told that the gateway will be eliminated altogether. If you've been waiting for the gateway to be fixed, you're out of luck. If you're interested to read what's being said on the matching board -- and most of the time the board is more active than the list -- you need to go to that board and view the posts. Like the mailing lists, the boards are free to use. All you need to do is register once with a name and a working email address. You can view all of the message boards by going to and then either using the search field to find a particular location, topic, or surname, or by scrolling down to the categories. Goodbye, gateways. I will miss you! Lynne list owner

    05/03/2018 03:13:31