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    1. [AOH] welcome back
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello all and welcome back to RootsWeb! Yes, it's normally fairly quiet on the lists during summer, but not nearly as quiet as it has been for the last few weeks while RootsWeb underwent maintenance. Unfortunately, administrators were not informed of upcoming maintenance and that it was possible that we would not be able to access any RootsWeb functions, so I was in the same boat as you -- not able to communicate with you. Things are still a little iffy, but at least the lists are once again usable. Once the lists came back to life, some were hit by a lot of spam. We've been lucky so far -- keep your fingers crossed! If you are a member of a list that has been hit by spam, take pity on that list's administrator and don't reply to or about the spam on the list. Also please remember not to report RootsWeb as a spammer, since that might cause ISPs to block RootsWeb messages. If you find yourself unable to post to a list, check the address to which you're sending mail. The formula needs to be Previously, mail sent to would get through, but that no longer seems to be the case. Some subscribers can't post to the list because of a block due to all the spam RootsWeb was receiving. I'm having that problem myself. If you're unable to post from your regular address, use Password Central ( to check to make sure you're still subscribed. If you are subscribed, you might have to either wait until the block has been lifted or post from another email address. I was just informed by RootsWeb staff that not all lists and list functions are working and they could not give me a date when all problems will be resolved. Well, that's the end of my report. Hope you're all enjoying summer. If you're not too busy, how about posting to the list? A little bit of on-topic trivia; a useful resource, old or new; news from the local family history centre or genealogy group; how you knocked down a brick wall or how you're struggling with one; what your ancestors did when they went on holiday -- it's all welcome. Kind regards, Lynne list admin.

    08/29/2016 10:59:33