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    1. [AOH]RootsWeb Mailing Lists -- some very bad news :-(
    2. Lynne
    3. List administrators just received this message. No advanced warning, not even an inkling. Am shocked to the core. Lynne list admin. -----Forwarded Message----- >From: RootsWeb Administration <> >Sent: Jan 7, 2020 12:37 PM >To: >Subject: [LO] RootsWeb Mailing Lists > >Beginning March 2nd, 2020 the Mailing Lists functionality on RootsWeb will be discontinued. Users will no longer be able to send outgoing emails or accept incoming emails. Additionally, administration tools will no longer be available to list administrators and mailing lists will be put into an archival state. > >Administrators may save the emails in their list prior to March 2nd. After that, mailing list archives will remain available and searchable on RootsWeb. > >As an alternative to RootsWeb Mailing Lists, Ancestry message boards are a great option to network with others in the genealogy community. Message boards are available for free with an Ancestry registered account. > >Thank you for being part of the RootsWeb family and contributing to this community. > >Sincerely, >The RootsWeb team

    01/07/2020 11:45:30
    1. [AOH]Admin: mailing list downtime Thursday, 26 July
    2. Lynne
    3. From the Powers That Be: "We will be moving our Mailing Lists to newer and what should be better performing machines on Thursday July 26, 2018. "You can expect somewhere between 4 and 8 hours of downtime. "No emails will be lost, but everything will be delayed...." Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well! Lynne

    07/24/2018 08:59:07
    1. [AOH]Message size and replying to the list
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello all Just a reminder that when you reply to the list, please snip (remove) all of the footers and most of the previous message(s), leaving only enough so we get the gist. This is especially important if you receive mail in Digest format. You cannot return the entire digest to the list. Please also remember to post in Plain Text, not MIME or HTML. Not snipping or posting in anything other than Plain Text will cause your message to be held for intervention by the list owner. Thanks for your kind cooperation. Kind regards, Lynne list owner

    05/30/2018 01:20:41
    1. [AOH]gateway from message board to list
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello all It's been such a very long time since the gateway from the message board to this list has worked, you probably forgot it even existed. If you don't remember what it was, it was a way for any posts made on the message board that corresponds with this list to be posted to the list. It was a one-way system: posts from the board came to the list, but you couldn't post back to the board without actually going to the board and posting there. Anyway, list owners have been told that the gateway will be eliminated altogether. If you've been waiting for the gateway to be fixed, you're out of luck. If you're interested to read what's being said on the matching board -- and most of the time the board is more active than the list -- you need to go to that board and view the posts. Like the mailing lists, the boards are free to use. All you need to do is register once with a name and a working email address. You can view all of the message boards by going to and then either using the search field to find a particular location, topic, or surname, or by scrolling down to the categories. Goodbye, gateways. I will miss you! Lynne list owner

    05/03/2018 03:13:31
    1. [AOH] RootsWeb update
    2. Lynne
    3. >From the RootsWeb home page: Update: January 23, 2018 "Great news on the progress of getting RootsWeb back online. Today, we are bringing WorldConnect, one of our most valued features, back online. As we make WorldConnect available, it will initially be in a read only state. You can now search for people and view information as you did in the past; but for now, we cannot accept new uploads or modifications to existing GEDCOM files. We expect to add this additional functionality in the coming weeks. "Also, here are answers to a few questions we’ve heard from the community: "Why is this taking so long? RootsWeb has many terabytes of data uploaded by users across its various features. The site also has hundreds of thousands of lines of code. We have been scanning the data using a variety of tools, and that takes time. We’ve also been examining the code and the underlying systems. Some code is being refurbished, and some will need to be more fully rewritten to add the layers of security needed in this day and age. We know it may be frustrating, but we are committed to returning data to you in a safe manner. "Have you found any other security problems? We haven’t found any other problems, but we want to thoroughly update systems to ensure the safety of your information. "Is Ancestry going to start charging for RootsWeb? Ancestry is not going to start charging for RootsWeb. When functionality returns to the site, you will still be able to view content for free. "I’ve heard not everything is coming back online, is that true? We will be returning WorldConnect and Mailing Lists back to their full functionality. Other features are still being evaluated. In cases where we are unable to bring back previous functionality or content, we will explore ways for people who uploaded data to retrieve it if we don’t feel we can put it back online safely. "Care to share your thoughts with us?" Go to

    01/24/2018 03:21:57
    1. Re: [AOH] ANCIENT-ORDER-OF-HIBERNIANS Digest, Vol 9, Issue 1
    2. Anita Daly
    3. hello ! how can I send you info on upcoming Irish events? thanks! Anita ANITA DALY // DALY COMMUNICATIONS 229 East 85th St. # 1568 NYC NY 10028  212 772 0852 // @DalyComm From: "" <> To: Sent: Friday, January 12, 2018 3:00 AM Subject: ANCIENT-ORDER-OF-HIBERNIANS Digest, Vol 9, Issue 1 Send ANCIENT-ORDER-OF-HIBERNIANS mailing list submissions to To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to You can reach the person managing the list at When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific than "Re: Contents of ANCIENT-ORDER-OF-HIBERNIANS digest..." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Be sure mail to the list is in plain text. When replying, please snip extraneous text and be sure to change the subject line to reflect the content of your message. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Today's Topics:   1.  RootsWeb news (Lynne) Hello everyone In case you haven't been keeping up with the news, Ancestry has posted additional information about the RootsWeb outage at I'm very happy to report that the administrative tools now seem to be working and administrators can again take action when messages don't make it to the list because they're too big or have other problems. This is the first in a very long time that Ancestry staff has been communicative about the issues affecting RootsWeb.  Excellent progress. A very happy new year to you all!  Let's go break down some brick walls. Lynne list admin. To contact the ANCIENT-ORDER-OF-HIBERNIANS list administrator, send an email to To post a message to the ANCIENT-ORDER-OF-HIBERNIANS mailing list, send an email to __________________________________________________________ To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word "unsubscribe" without the quotes in the subject and the body of the email with no additional text.

    01/12/2018 08:26:43
    1. [AOH] RootsWeb news
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello everyone In case you haven't been keeping up with the news, Ancestry has posted additional information about the RootsWeb outage at I'm very happy to report that the administrative tools now seem to be working and administrators can again take action when messages don't make it to the list because they're too big or have other problems. This is the first in a very long time that Ancestry staff has been communicative about the issues affecting RootsWeb. Excellent progress. A very happy new year to you all! Let's go break down some brick walls. Lynne list admin.

    01/10/2018 03:46:16
    1. [AOH] Season's greetings
    2. Lynne
    3. Dear friends, A card awaits you at Have a very happy Christmas. Kindest regards, Lynne list admin.

    12/19/2017 12:41:01
    1. [AOH] mailing list
    2. Anita Daly
    3. Can you please add me to the mailing list? THANK YOU, Anita Daly ANITA DALY // DALY COMMUNICATIONS 229 East 85th St. # 1568 NYC NY 10028  212 772 0852 // @DalyComm

    08/02/2017 04:20:06
    1. [AOH] Before You Post that Query
    2. Lynne
    3. A useful reminder for all of us: "Before You Post that Query", a genealogy tip of the day at There are links there to some other useful postings, although most are regarding American family research. Lynne

    07/31/2017 09:44:18
    1. [AOH] ADMIN - Discontinued email
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello everyone Orange Email will close 31st May 2017. If you're using any of the following email addresses,, then you need to change your email service before 31st May 2017 when those addresses will no longer valid. If you are subscribed to RootsWeb lists with any of those addresses and fail to resubscribe with a valid email address, you will be unsubscribed from the list(s) with no notice. Read more at and ( and If you use one of these addresses, use Password Central ( to find out to which lists you're subscribed. Keep that list so you can resubscribe with your new email address. Best wishes, Lynne list admin.

    03/01/2017 09:56:57
    1. Re: [AOH] {9}
    2. Lynne

    02/19/2017 04:25:31
    1. [AOH] Free Update to Family Tree Maker is Now Available
    2. Lynne
    3. The announcement from Jack Minsky, President of Software MacKiev, is on Dick Eastman's Daily Online Genealogy Newsletter. See or Lynne

    01/03/2017 04:42:38
    1. [AOH] welcome back
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello all and welcome back to RootsWeb! Yes, it's normally fairly quiet on the lists during summer, but not nearly as quiet as it has been for the last few weeks while RootsWeb underwent maintenance. Unfortunately, administrators were not informed of upcoming maintenance and that it was possible that we would not be able to access any RootsWeb functions, so I was in the same boat as you -- not able to communicate with you. Things are still a little iffy, but at least the lists are once again usable. Once the lists came back to life, some were hit by a lot of spam. We've been lucky so far -- keep your fingers crossed! If you are a member of a list that has been hit by spam, take pity on that list's administrator and don't reply to or about the spam on the list. Also please remember not to report RootsWeb as a spammer, since that might cause ISPs to block RootsWeb messages. If you find yourself unable to post to a list, check the address to which you're sending mail. The formula needs to be Previously, mail sent to would get through, but that no longer seems to be the case. Some subscribers can't post to the list because of a block due to all the spam RootsWeb was receiving. I'm having that problem myself. If you're unable to post from your regular address, use Password Central ( to check to make sure you're still subscribed. If you are subscribed, you might have to either wait until the block has been lifted or post from another email address. I was just informed by RootsWeb staff that not all lists and list functions are working and they could not give me a date when all problems will be resolved. Well, that's the end of my report. Hope you're all enjoying summer. If you're not too busy, how about posting to the list? A little bit of on-topic trivia; a useful resource, old or new; news from the local family history centre or genealogy group; how you knocked down a brick wall or how you're struggling with one; what your ancestors did when they went on holiday -- it's all welcome. Kind regards, Lynne list admin.

    08/29/2016 10:59:33
    1. [AOH] Season's greetings
    2. Lynne via
    3. Dear Listers, Wishing you a very happy Christmas. May the new year bring you peace, health, and prosperity plus a few smashed brick walls. Kindest regards, Lynne list admin.

    12/23/2015 03:54:06
    1. [AOH] Apologies regarding Fw:
    2. Lynne via
    3. Hello all Please don't click on the link that was included in the previous email purporting to be from me -- I didn't send it. Sorry! My email account was hacked. I've spent the last few hours running various antivirus programs, changing email passwords, and removing the original message from the list archives. Lynne

    03/28/2015 06:35:01
    1. [AOH] Happy holidays!
    2. Lynne Klein via
    3. Dear Listers, Season's greeting and best wishes to you all, and a very merry Christmas to those who celebrate the holiday. As the year draws to a close, please give a thought to the future of RootsWeb's lists. If they are to continue, your participation is needed. If every subscriber posted her or his interests, a snippet of information or history, or asked a question every month or even a few times a year, this would be a very busy list indeed. Many thanks go to those that do post to the list. Your contributions are invaluable. Kind regards, Lynne list admin.

    12/24/2014 03:33:32
    1. [AOH] Ancestry search - beta search form
    2. Lynne via
    3. Forgot to tell you how to get to the beta search form. Doh! You can read the message from Jim Mosher, Ancestry Product Management, at To use the updated forms, follow this link: To go back to the original forms without closing your browser: Lynne

    09/23/2014 10:52:28
    1. [AOH] Ancestry search function
    2. Lynne via
    3. If you use Ancestry and have been frustrated with the search function, you may be interested to know that staff have been working on some updates to the search forms and would like to get your feedback. There's a survey at which includes a text field into which you can post specific suggestions. Lynne

    09/23/2014 10:38:12
    1. [AOH] Brick Wall Solutions
    2. Lynne via
    3. Many of us (all of us?) have hit a brick wall or two in our research. Perhaps the suggestions offered in the free online GenealogyInTime Magazine will prompt some lateral thinking and help break down some of those walls. See or for their suggestions. If you can add to these tips, please post your suggestions to the list. Happy researching! Lynne

    09/09/2014 05:33:19