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    2. James Morrison, b 1745 d 2-11-1810 m Charlotte Howell Pvt PA Joseph Morrison, b 1733 d 10-14-1817 m Hannah Montgomery Sol PA Both of these ancestors of mine, Joseph being my gggg grandfather as well as two more of their brothers Ephraim and Alexander appear on a list of Associators and Militia in the PA Archives Fifth Series, Vol 5, p 525-26. This is the London Brittain Company under Capt Samuel Evans. These people lived in the SE corner of PA (New London Twp.) Chester Co. Does anyone know anything about this particular Militia Company? I would greatly appreciate any info available Jim Morrison ========================================================================= From: Don Parriott <a href="mailto:[email protected]">&lt;[email protected]&gt;</a> To: &quot;American Revolution discussion list&quot; &lt;[email protected]&gt; Subject: Question for the Listowner Date: Thu, 3 Apr 97 20:25:01 Errors-to: &lt;[email protected]&gt; Sender: [email protected] X-listname: &lt;[email protected]&gt; X-MAILER: Chameleon V0.05, TCP/IP for Windows, NetManage Inc. (via Mercury MTS (Bindery) v1.31) MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; CHARSET=US-ASCII I recently posted a note to these lists outlining the surnames I am researching, with a reference to my home page where further information was to be found. I received a rather unfriendly message from a Mr. Helm claiming that I was violating terms of the lists, etc. He did not seem to be the list owner of any of them, at least he didn't say he was. Since he is the only one who complained, I am asking the owners of these lists if I did in fact violate your list! If so, PLEASE tell me (politely) and I won't do it again! I am only interested in sharing my genealogical research with anyone interested. Thank you. -- Don Parriott E-mail: [email protected] Visit my WWW home page at For the GENEALOGY Section of my home page go straight to: -- ========================================================================= ========================================================================= =========================================================================

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