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    1. ([ALJACKSO])Memorial Day
    2. Richard Berkheiser
    3. Hi everyone! Sorry to start another thread of messages so close to a Surname Shout Out but with the lists being down the first part of the year it threw my scheduling off. Hope you don't mind... With this being the Memorial Day Weekend, I thought it would it be interesting to post one ancestor we have in our family trees who served in one of the many wars and battles we fought in US History. Obviously it has to be an ancestor from this county. :) Give a brief biography of that person including the unit and war he or she was in, a POW, injuries, plus the usual genealogical stuff. Thanks in advance and have a safe weekend! Rick B Admin

    05/27/2018 06:36:23
    1. ([ALJACKSO])Hood - soldier for the Confederacy
    2. Kathleen Gramsgibbs
    3. october 29, 1843 james (jim) washington Columbus hood was born in larkin's fork, Jackson county, Alabama. larkin's fork is in the northwest part of Jackson county. Jim was the first child of William a. and Mary Ann Reid hood. they were farmers in the paint rock valley of Jackson county, Alabama. jim was named after william’s brother who drowned when he was a young man.    November 29, 1862 jim enlisted as a private in company I of the 55th Alabama volunteers for the confederate states of America at bellefonte, Jackson County, Alabama. Jim’s service records describe him as being five feet, nine inches tall, with light hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion.    July 20, 1864 Jim was captured by union general William t. sherman's troops at the battle of peach tree creek near Atlanta, Georgia. general john bell hood (no relation) was Jim's confederate commander in chief. jim was sent to Nashville, tennessee as a prisoner of war.  jim had been wounded in the arm. november 21, 1864 jim was transferred to a POW camp in Louisville, Kentucky. a military prison had been established in Louisville in 1862, primarily as a collection and distribution center for prisons further north. prisoners who stayed in Louisville were those who were badly wounded or too sick. apparently jim was one of those. the military prison was located on Broadway, between tenth and eleventh. The sick and wounded prisoners were treated at a hospital at the prison buildings (military hospital No. 2), or at one of the branches of the Eruptive General Hospital.   june 17, 1865 after war’s end jim was discharged and returned to Jackson county.

    05/27/2018 07:54:30