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    1. [AFR-LESOTHO] AFR-Lesotho mailing list closing
    2. Ines Mannhardt
    3. Hello members of the Lesotho mailing list, Rootsweb has announced that they will close all mailing lists on the 2nd of March 2020. There has not been any activity on this list for years, I am not starting a new list on If you are interested in a mailing list for Africa in general, I suggest you join the afgen mailing list at Signing up with is free. Before you can post, you need to subscribe. To subscribe, send a note to: <> Hope to see you there, Ines

    02/22/2020 05:40:47
    1. Easter
    2. Billy Covey
    3. May you and yours enjoy a very HAPPY EASTER. Bill Covey Author of: Watson Is Where It Wuz

    04/14/2001 11:48:28