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    1. [ITA-SICILY-L] My Favorite Italian-Sicilian Genealogy Bookmarks
    2. Sam Galioto
    3. I wanted to share my list of Italian & Sicilian genealogy web sites with all of you. These have been invaluable to me in my research of my Sicilian ancestry. Hope these are of help to you. Any others? Sam Galioto Hudson, Ohio [email protected] Researching in Trabia: TAORMINA, CORSO, DIVITTORIO, PIAZZA, TERESI, CIMINA & VAZZANO Researching in Bagheria: GALIOTO, DELISI, FIANO, TOMASELLO & SCADUTO Sam Galioto's Favorite Italian-Sicilian Genealogy Bookmarks A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Italian Ancestors A Partial List of Italian Profession Names Angelo Grifasi Sicily's Home Page Arduini & Pizzo An Italian-American Family History D' Excite Maps: Italy Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site Italian Research Felice's Italiano Genealogia Sezione Frontier Press Bookstore - Italy " Italy-Italian,Italy _Italian/index.html" Giorgio Alessandri's Home Page Giovanni Agnelli Foundation How to research your Italian ancestry Italian Form Letter Generator Italian Genealogical Research Tools Italian Genealogical Society of America Italian Genealogical Word List Italian Given Names and their English Equivalents Italian Immigrant Ships Italian Occupations and their English Equivalents Italian Postal Codes (CAP) Italian Roots BBS - Message Index Italian Surname Collection Italian Vital Records:Nineteenth Century to the Present Italian/American Genealogy and More Italy Bookmarks Italy Genealogy Forum Italy World GenWeb Italy: People Finder y=ITALY&Service=WHITE+PAGES Joe's Italian Genealogy Page Palermo Sicilia Italy Queries PIE Frequently Asked Questions on Italian Genealogy PIE Italian Regional Databases PIE: Pursuing Our Italian Names Together In E-mail POINT -- Pursuing Our Italian Names Together RuthAnns' Italian Genealogy Sicilian Ancestor & Surname Registry Siciliani in the World Sicily Spence Sacco Burton's Homepage The History & Culture of Sicily icily.htm The Italian Genealogical Group The Italian Genealogy Home Page The Italian Genealogy WebForum Windows On Italy

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