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    1. [NYCHAUTA] Sorting Out the POST Family
    2. Bob Waxham
    3. My thanks to all who have sent messsages, both on and off the board, concerning the POST family. Once I started researching the POST family (my mother was a POST), I found quite a horde of people carrying this surname, a surprising number in Chautauqua County. There seem to be at least two, more likely more, branches of the family in the county. So much of my effort has been trying to separate "my" POSTs from all the other POSTs. If they are all related, the links probably go all the way back to the Colonial period. Stephen POST came to the U.S. in 1633, but there could have been other POSTs who came earlier or later.Darius POST, Sr., the earliest POST mentioned in the recent postings to the NYCHAUTA board, was a member of the fifth generation of POSTs in the U.S. The Colonial-era POST families tended to be very large, providing innumerable potential ancestors for the POSTs later documented in Chautauqua County. Let me list the descendants of Darius POST, Sr. so that other researchers can determine whether the POSTs they are interested in are or are not in "my" POST line. For convenience, my direct ancestors will be the only ones shown in all caps. Children of DARIUS POST, SR (1739-1826) and ELIZABETH HARMON (1747-1825) DARIUS POST, JR. (1761-unk) Titus Post (1771-1842) Ethan Post (1780-unk) Louisa Post (1784-unk) Olive Post (unk-unk) Children of DARIUS POST, JR. and ASANATH BOSTWICK (1769-unk) Amanda Post (1788-unk) Esther Post (1789-1851) Jedediah Post (1793-1862) Asenath Post (1801-unk) Eliza Post (1808-1870) Malona Post (1810-1882) William Post (1812-unk) ARTHUR BOSTWICK POST (1815-1875) Children of ARTHUR BOSTWICK POST and Angelana Wood (1817-1853 Orlando Bostwick Post (1836-1900) Francis W. Post (1878-unk) [Possible error--If this is Frances (female), may havedied 1906] Caroline Amelia Post (1840-1964) John Kingsley Post (1842-1864) George W. Post (1845-unk) Ellen Dorliska Post (1849-1859) Children of ARTHUR BOSTWICK POST and EMELINE H. LaMONT (1828-1897) William A. Post (1860-1882) FREDERICK W. POST (1861-1916) Maria Eugenia Post (1866-1870) Children of FREDERICK W. POST and FLORENCE MAY TUTTLE (1870-1923) Sarah Emeline Post (1893-1988) LILLIAN MAY POST (1896-1979) Winifred Lena Post (1899-1991) Next generation not shown because most of them, including me, are still living. Of the children of Darius POST, Sr., it is believed that only Darius, Jr. and Ethan became residents of Chautauqua County. Beginning with Darius, Jr. and spouse, it is believed that all listed above lived in Chautauqua County. To answer a few of the questions that have come up, it is believed that the POST who married Laura HARDINGER POST PRATT was not related to the family described above. The same is probably true of Reuben POST, Thomas POST, Leonard POST, and the William POST who lived in Jamestown. The child listed as "KINGSLEY 8 NO FURTHER TRACE anywhere" is actually John Kingsley POST. The poor guy was seriously wounded in the battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia, during the Civil War and died in a Washington military hospital. Both Jedediah POST and his wife Margaret are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Stockton. The Arthur POST who was stabbed October 3, 1928 and died October 7, 1928 in Forestville, for which crime Joseph Grifasi of Dunkirk was later arrested, is not one of mine. The same is true of the John D. POST who was hit by the Nickel Plate Railroad snow plow at State Line on January 8, 1905 and expired instantly. Since there are so many POSTs to play around with in Chautauqua County, I hope this posting will be of some use to anyone working on this surname. Bob Waxham

    02/18/2004 10:34:28